Apply To Teach With LanguageBird

LanguageBird is a fully accredited, private online school for students of all ages. We specialize in providing courses for credit for middle and high school students. We honor each student’s individual learning style and educational needs. We offer careers for educators, support staff and management and are always looking for superb professionals to join our dedicated team.

Instructors who wish to teach at LanguageBird should be/have:

  1. A native or heritage speaker of one of our offered world languages.
  2. Minimum C1 level English speaker.
  3. Degree from a 4-year college or university. (minimum)
  4. Two years of teaching experience in an online program or classroom setting.
  5. Comfortable with technology and online teaching tools.
  6. Comfortable teaching without the use of a textbook.
  7. Clear understanding of world language teaching, assessment and pedagogy.
  8. Familiar with ACTFL standards of teaching and learning.
  9. Familiar with methods of project-based and competency-based learning and teaching.
  10. Be excited to share your culture and language with a community of learners and other educators.

Interested in working for LanguageBird?

Take the first step by clicking below on our open applications.

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