Accreditation and Course Approval

LanguageBird Accreditations

LanguageBird is an accredited online private language school and our transcripts are recognized by schools, colleges and universities worldwide.

In addition to our accreditation, all LanguageBird courses are also NCAA Division I and II and University of California A-G approved. College-bound, NCAA, and transferring students receive credit for courses completed with LanguageBird.

Since 2015, LanguageBird has offered University of California a-g approved courses. The University of California and Board of Regents have a set of rigorous criteria by which they evaluate online programs for approval. If upon enrollment at LanguageBird, you know your student plans to apply to a University of California college, please communicate with your admissions coordinator and school counselor. Our team will work with your family to ensure your student’s academic plan is created with attention to UC standards.


We are Accredited by:

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- Western Association of Schools and Colleges

- AdvancED

All of our courses are approved by:


- University of California