Accreditation and Course Approval

What is Accreditation?

As an accredited online school, LanguageBird meets the highest standards of excellence and offers students peace of mind with a premier private school experience.

Accreditation is an ongoing process of self-study, goal-setting, and evaluation. During the self-study phase of the accreditation process, schools compile data about programs from all members of its community, including students, parents, and teachers. The information from school stakeholders is collated in a self-study report, revisited and reviewed and reevaluated.

Accreditation ensures LanguageBird students receive reciprocity of credits and courses with schools and universities around the world. Our accredited status validates the equivalency of diplomas and certificates to other accredited schools and universities, and indicates our curriculum and instructors meet state and U.S. standards.

LanguageBird Accreditations?

LanguageBird is an accredited online private language school and our transcripts are recognized by schools, colleges and universities worldwide.

In addition to our accreditation, all LanguageBird courses are also NCAA Division I and II and University of California A-G approved. College-bound, NCAA, and transferring students receive credit for courses completed with LanguageBird.

Our accrediting bodies are:

- Western Association of Schools and Colleges

- AdvancED

All of our courses are approved by:


- University of California 

LanguageBird courses are approved for University of California A-G credit!

This message is ONLY for California high school students who are University of California (UC) or California State University (CSU) bound. This is NOT relevant for students who reside outside of California or students who live in California but do not intend to apply to a UC or CSU.

What's the UC Policy?

The UC will accept online A-G courses students have completed to fulfill A-G subject requirements for University admissions if such courses:

-Appear on the student’s home high school’s A-G course list;


-Appear on the A-G reference list of an online course publisher

Click here to go to LanguageBird’s UC list. 

How to Report:

When filling out the UC or CSU application, students will self-report LanguageBird courses in their Academic History section.  The UC or CSU does not accept transcripts with the application. Only if a student is accepted and chooses to attend a UC or CSU campus, will they be asked to send transcripts to the campus they have chosen to attend.

LanguageBird can send grades directly to colleges via Parchment electronically or via US Mail to high schools or colleges. If you are looking to send LanguageBird course final grades to a high school or to colleges go here

If you need detailed instructions about completing the UC admissions application, please email

For instructions about the CSU application, you will need to reach out to the CSU:


For More Information:

School counselors who wish to learn more, please visit the A-G Policy Resource Guide to see the full revised online course publisher policy, which includes the eligibility criteria, implementation timeline, and FAQs

For more details, questions and verification email