Accreditation and Course Approval

LanguageBird Accreditations

LanguageBird is an accredited online private language school and our transcripts are recognized by schools, colleges and universities worldwide.

In addition to our accreditation, all LanguageBird courses are also NCAA Division I and II and University of California A-G approved. College-bound, NCAA, and transferring students receive credit for courses completed with LanguageBird.

Since 2015, LanguageBird has offered University of California A-G approved courses. If upon enrollment at LanguageBird, you know your student plans to apply to a University of California campus, please communicate with your high school counselor to get approval from your school to meet A-G for world language with LanguageBird. The requirement is two years of the same language.

We are Accredited by:

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- Western Association of Schools and Colleges


All of our courses are approved by:


- University of California 

Looking for LanguageBird on the UC A-G website? Chirp no further!

Here is the 2020-21 school year online directory of online providers.

The UC’s new directory is for the 2021-2022 school year which begins in August 2021.
All LanguageBird courses are University of California A-G approved for individual students to enroll directly in courses as well as for partner high schools to list LanguageBird as a provider on their UC course lists.

For more details go to the UC FAQ page.

If your high school does not accept outside courses and you would like to register with a LanguageBird partner school for A-G credit, please fill out the LanguageBird enrollment form and this UC A-G form.
You will be enrolled to take your course at a LanguageBird partner school that has all LanguageBird courses on their A-G list. A transcript will be issued to you through a partner school and may be requested through LanguageBird. When you apply to the UC, you will report your enrollment at the partner school and your course will be on the dropdown menu from that school to select and report your grade.

Schools and counselors in California use the UC A-G website to report “college preparatory” coursework to the public universities in California. 
If you don’t live in California or attend a California high school, this is of no relevance to you. You should however look at subject requirements if you plan to apply to a public California college to make sure you take enough English, math, social studies, world language, electives, etc.

If you live in California, but don’t intend to apply to a California public college (UC or CSU), this information also does not apply to you.