World language lessons with a private instructor at your pace and convenience.

100% 1-to-1 live

  • Engage with face-to-face, personalized, tutoring or test prep just for you.
  • Customized learning. We meet you where you are.
  • Let us help you pass your class. Help with homework. Prepare you for exams.
  • Customized Schedule:

  • Life is busy. Let us work with your schedule.
  • Learn more, faster and have fun on your time at your pace.
  • Start any time of year. Why continue to struggle at school?
  • Preparing for an exam? Let us help you set your study schedule.
  • World Class Instructors:

  • People, not software.
  • Better teachers, better results.
  • Positive relationships & meaningful connections.
  • Learn culture and language without travel!
  • LanguageBird Tutoring and Test Prep is:

  • Customized to your strengths, interests and learning style. Our instruction will focus on what you need most. Every student is different. In a one-to-one setting no one slips through the cracks. We can customize learning for each student. Review only what you need and even get ahead of the class.
  • Supportive and collaborative. During our lessons, there is no fear of making mistakes in front of classmates. No raising hands, no fighting for attention in a large class. Learning a language requires making mistakes. Our students meet with the same teacher for each lesson. They build a relationship of trust key to language learning.
  • Like going abroad without leaving home. Our teachers live all over the world and bring their language and culture to you. Whether you’re not quite ready to go abroad or getting ready to do so in the future, you’ll become more culturally and globally aware. They will help you excel in your course or prepare you for exams.
  • Key Course Features:

  • Accelerated learning. The fastest way to learn is with one to one instruction.
  • Flexible Scheduling. Take your lessons anytime. Schedule as frequently as you like. Something comes up? Give us 24 hours notice.
  • Vacation planned or need to take a break? We don’t recommend taking too much time away, but you can chedule when you come back.
  • Available Languages:

  • Arabic, ASL, ESL French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Mandarin, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish.