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Empower students to connect as a community of learners to master speaking a new language with confidence!

The Chirp Room™ is an online chatroom for students interested in interacting with other students to practice a world language moderated by a native speaking instructor. You will be “Chirping” in a live video chat room and meeting students from all over the world with similar interests.

  • Join the LIVE, online conversational groups moderated by LanguageBird instructors
  • Students have the opportunity to practice speaking in a spontaneous, conversational environment
  • Increase your cultural experience through our native speaking instructors

It can be a great time to learn survival language skills you think might be useful like hailing a taxi, asking for directions, or staying at a hotel. You can also learn basic grammar rules that learners often find tricky or tend to forget. You will practice speaking in a safe and supervised online live chatroom, and meet other students who want to practice their world language.

The Chirp Room™s will be conducted over the video conferencing service Zoom. Come and join the online language community!


School Administrators, are you interested in getting a private, dedicated Chirp Room™ for language classes at your school?

Contact: | 844-700-2473

Check out the Chirp Room™ Chat Room Schedule below.


NOTE: All times are in PST and participants must register 24 hrs before the meeting.

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Meet the Chirp Room™ Moderators

russian classes online

Aleksandra P.

LanguageBird Russian Instructor

My name is Aleksandra Price and I am a Russian Language Instructor with LanguageBird.

As an experienced Teacher, I have developed a passion and personal commitment to helping my students succeed.

I have taught K-12 for over 20 years, in Moscow, Russia and Minnesota/California, US.

While working as a Teacher, I have also enjoyed being a K-12 Curriculum Specialist developing exiting Project-Based Lesson Plans in Math, Language Arts, Science, Social Studies and World Art.

I have a Bachelor’s of Science in Education with Major in Pedagogy and currently working on my Master’s degree in Teaching and Counseling.

I look forward to getting my students excited about learning this beautiful language, while exploring Russian History, Culture, Traditions and Art!

I have a Chirp Room™ in Russian levels 1 and 2!

online spanish tutor

Andres F.

LanguageBird Spanish Instructor

I am a native Spanish speaker, born in Santiago de Cali, a city in the south west of Colombia. After high school, I served in the Colombian Air Force, where I had the opportunity to improve my English and where I studied Air Traffic Control and Aeronautical Communications. My military experience improved my computer skills, and currently I work part time, instructing Spanish language and part time as a combination of IT consulting, website designer and developer (websites, SEO, SEM, CMS, advertising, marketing, servers).

I love to travel and in fact I lived in several cities from Colombia, as Armenia, Bogotá, Bucaramanga, Tulu and now, I’m living in Sao Paulo. Brazil has now become now my home and I have had the opportunity to learn my third language, Portuguese.

I have a Chirp Room™ in Spanish levels 1, 2, and 3!

italian tutor

Enrico L.

LanguageBird Italian/French Instructor

I am from Italy and I have been living in Los Angeles for over ten years. I have a M.A. in Foreign Languages and Literature from the University of Verona, Italy. I have always loved to be in contact with people of different cultures and use different languages. I have been teaching and tutoring several languages and among them my beautiful native language, Italian. Being a teacher is a great experience and it has been such an enriching path that has given me so much joy.

I am a very easy-going, open-minded person. I am a professional, fun and passionate teacher and I cannot wait to be teaching you and share my knowledge and experience while learning Dante’s language and talk about some delicious Italian food, stunning art and music.

I have a Chirp Room™ in Italian levels 2!

online german tutor

Markus N.

LanguageBird German Instructor

Hello I’m Markus Fer. Neutzer, I’m from Germany and I’ve been living in Mexico for more than 14 years. That’s exactly the time I have been teaching German and English here and in other countries online. I taught in public schools, universities, and private schools English and German. I have taught teenagers, elderly people, and kids.

I have the T.K.T certificates from the Cambridge University. I’m an easy-going person and  love to joke. I’m dynamic and flexible in my job.

I have a Chirp Room™ in German levels 2, 3, and 4!

online spanish tutor

Mercedes R.

LanguageBird Spanish Instructor

I am from Argentina and I was lucky to be able to travel, live and study in many different countries of Latin America (Chile, Uruguay, Bolivia, Colombia, Costa Rica, Panama and Mexico), as well as 6 years in US for my graduate studies in Ecology. All these adventures allowed me to experience and learn the diversity and richness of Spanish language and culture beyond the borders of my own country. Currently I am living in Canary Islands, Spain where I got to learn the particulars of Spanish on the other side of the Ocean. I am a professional and dynamic teacher, flexible, patient and easygoing. I am very much looking forward to sharing my enthusiasm for Spanish language with you and help you speak fluently and most importantly that you enjoy and have fun in the process of learning the beautiful language. Hope to see you in the Chirp Room!

I have a Chirp Room™ in Spanish levels 1, 2, and 3!

Xiaohui W.

LanguageBird Mandarin Instructor

I’m from China! I had twenty years of education experience. I was lucky to be able to travel, live and study in many different countries , such as Singapore, Australia, England, USA … All these adventures allowed me to experience and learn rich teaching methods of Chinese and English language and culture . Currently, I am living in the USA I’d like to share my nearly forty years of homeland culture and language with my students.

I am a professional and experienced teacher, flexible, patient and easygoing. I am very much looking forward to sharing my enthusiasm for the Chinese language with you and help you speak fluently and most importantly that you enjoy and have fun in the process of learning the beautiful language.

I have a Chirp Room™ in Mandarin Chinese levels 1, 2, and 3!

Yasmine M.

LanguageBird French Instructor

I am Yasmine, I am 27 and I currently live in Salvador, Brazil. My father is French, my mother is Brazilian, and my husband is American. I studied German for my Bachelors and then English for my Masters, so I am fluent in four languages. I have lived over twenty years in Paris, then two years in Berlin, Germany, then six months in Oakland, California. I came around to teaching after three years of travelling, because I felt a strong need to share my love of languages and of foreign cultures. I am looking forward to sharing that with you!

Language is huge in adapting to and feeling comfortable in a foreign country. Even if some behaviors are strange, even if it’s a little scary at first, knowing the language allows you to ask questions, communicate with people, find your bearings: it is the perfect way into a place. I am very excited for you to get there! I am very professional teacher, with a lot of patience and humor. I’m all for having fun lessons and have the student’s curiosity and projects lead the class. Maintaining a positive attitude and creating positive language experiences is very important to me, and I will always do my best on that.

French can be a lot of fun! It can be anything we’d like. So, let’s get started!

I have a Chirp Room™ in French levels 1, 2, and 3!


This disclaimer informs readers that LanguageBird is not responsible for the views, thoughts, and opinions expressed during the Chirp Room™ class discussion because they belong solely to the instructor and/or students present, and are not representative of LanguageBird policy or mission.

LanguageBird Chirp Room™ classes are made available by the LanguageBird instructors for educational purposes only, as well as to give general information and a general understanding of a certain topic in the target language, not to provide course credit of any kind. By participating in the LanguageBird Chirp Room™s, you understand that you are entering a class that is conversation based, not a class that follows a set curriculum. By participating in the Chirp Room™s, you also understand that you will not receive a proctored test or a letter grade. By registering to a session you agree to enter the class either before or at the time of the start date, failure to do so will result in not being able to participate in the Chirp Room™ session. LanguageBird retains the right to remove any Chirp Room™ user for any behavior that it deems inappropriate.

For more information about our CHIRP Rooms™ and acceptable behavior, please see our Terms of Use.