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LanguageBird gives students the opportunity to master world languages online, at their own pace, and on their own time, while earning high school credits that can be used toward graduation requirements and college admissions.

The High School Program is a perfect match for students who want to study a language not currently offered at their school or for those who want to demonstrate an advanced level of proficiency beyond that normally achieved in high school. Students also have the ability to slow down or accelerate their learning as needed, making LanguageBird a great fit for students with diverse learning needs.

Transcripts are provided upon request and may be sent to high schools and colleges. We are accredited by WASC and Cognia and our courses are approved by the NCAA and University of California.

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High School Programs

LanguageBird offers accredited high school courses for credit. Tailor your student’s learning journey by selecting one of our three program options, designed to help your student achieve their language goals.

Excel Program 

Let your language skills soar with our most robust program. Perfect for students who would like extra time with an instructor to perfect their skills, catch up from learning loss or prior struggles, or spread lessons out to mirror a traditional school schedule closely.

Full Year:

24 Instructional Lessons + 24 Mastery Lessons


12 Instructional Lessons + 12 Mastery Lessons

Achieve Program 

Students who want more time with the instructor for questions, conversational practice, and work on the project will significantly benefit from this program. 



Full Year:

24 Instructional Lessons + 12 Mastery Lessons


12 Instructional Lessons + 6 Mastery Lessons

Core Program 

Our Core program is for students who are self-sufficient and directed learners. Students meet with instructors to complete our accredited high school program. This option is best for students who are confident with their language learning abilities, meet less with the instructor, and learn more independently.

Full Year:

24 Instructional Lessons


12 Instructional Lessons

Why LanguageBird?

Each student comes to LanguageBird with different and unique needs and at different stages in their language-learning process. Our courses move as fast or slow as needed and the curriculum is tailored to specific strengths, weaknesses, and areas of interest.

Students meet with the same instructor each time, building a relationship and improving their skills. Instructors can evaluate students over time based on personal progress.

There is no better or faster way to learn than private lessons with an expert instructor. Students often prefer the one-to-one format of LanguageBird courses rather than a traditional classroom setting. We can even customize curriculum to meet students at the highest levels so there is no limit to learning!


100% live instruction

All of our instruction is live via video chat. Students meet with their instructor for 24 one-hour, intensive live lessons to complete a full year of high school world language credit.


Our instructors teach to the student’s level, ability, and interests. Students meet with the same instructor for every lesson, ensuring that each lesson builds off the previous one.


LanguageBird courses can be taken anytime and from anywhere. Students create their own schedules and attend lessons when it is most convenient. Lessons can be canceled or rescheduled with a minimum of 24 hours notice.

15 World Languages to Choose From

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“I’ve always wanted to learn a language that meant something to me. Since I have family in Germany, it has been my dream to visit there. Having a native speaker who really cares about helping her students learn and being taught one-on-one, have both helped me reach my goals.”

– Rebekah B.
LanguageBird German Student

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