Meet Sayuri

What's the difference between は and が ?

LanguageBird Japanese Instructor Sayuri teaches us a lesson on the particles は and が。Pay attention to these particles as they are commonly mistaken by Japanese language learners.

Meet Natalia C.

Natalia y el mate

Have you ever heard of mate, South America's popular plant? LanguageBird Spanish instructor Natalia shows us how to drink it the traditional Argentine way!

Meet Rodrigo

A Stroll through Tepatitlan

Rodrigo, one of our Spanish teachers, give us a tour of the "Plaza de Armas" where you can find city hall in the city of Tepatitlan, Jalisco, Mexico.

Meet Fabiana

A Visit in Viterbo, Italy

Italian Instructor Fabiana takes us to her favorite spot in Viterbo!

Meet Sayuri

Explore a Taste of Japanese Cuisine

LanguageBird instructor Sayuri visits a Japanese hub where she find all sorts of Japanese treats.

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