Bird Bundles are good options for students who need extra support or practice beyond just their hour-long Courses for Credit lessons. The Bird Bundles include both Course for Credit lessons and Tutoring lessons.This way, students have one “learning” lesson and then an additional practice/support tutoring lesson for homework, extra questions, or reviewing concepts.

  • Bundle 1: Full-Year—24 Courses for Credit and 24 Tutoring & Test Prep sessions (48 total)
  • Bundle 2: Semester—12 Courses for Credit and 12 Tutoring & Test Prep sessions (24 total)
  • Who would benefit from bundles?

  • Students wanting to go deeper with their understandings
  • Students who want extra time with their instructor.
  • Students who want extra practice before taking entrance exams, AP Exams, the Global Seal of Biliteracy Exam, and other similar assessments.
  • Students who want two classes per week and want the course meetings to be more reflective of a standard school schedule. (For example, a semester is completed in a      semester)

    How does it work?

  • Meet 2-3 times per week with the same instructor.
  • Each meeting will alternate one Course for Credit lesson with one Tutoring & Test Prep lesson.
  • New material is introduced every other meeting with extra support and more intense instruction on alternating meetings to ensure mastery of material.
  • Offered in all LanguageBird Languages!

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