• This page is for California students and schools ONLY.
• This information is only for students who wish to apply to the University of California or California State University systems.
• This information is not applicable for private college admissions in California.

LanguageBird is a University of California approved Online Publisher. LanguageBird courses may be used to meet A-G requirements with permission of the home high school or through concurrent enrollment with a LanguageBird partner school. Please see below for details and resource links to the UC website.

You can find LanguageBird on the UC’s online provider directory for the 2023-2024 school year HERE.

What is UC A-G?

What are the language requirements for admission to the University of California? 
Two years, or equivalent to the 2nd level of high school instruction, of the same language other than English are required. (Three years/3rd level of high school instruction recommended). Courses taken in the seventh and eighth grades may be used to fulfill part or all of this requirement if the high school accepts them as equivalent to its own courses. Source here.

California students need A-G courses if they:

1. Live in California and attend a California high school
2. Have not yet fulfilled the 2-year language other than English requirement*

3. Plan to apply to a UC or CSU public university. 

If you have determined you still need A-G courses, California students can earn A-G credits with LanguageBird in ANY ONE of the following ways: 

1. Have their California high school add LanguageBird courses to their school/course list. (School officials, see the directions below to add courses to your A-G course list.) 

2. Have their California high school approve the course through Principal certification/approval. In this case, schools add LanguageBird courses to their transcripts.

Please go to the UC website here for more information on these first two options. (Look at the bottom right where you will see information about programs that offer their own instructors.)

3. Concurrently enroll in a school that has added LanguageBird courses to their A-G lists. Your final transcript with your LanguageBird course and grade will be issued from that school. If you would like to register with a LanguageBird partner school for A-G credit, please contact your LanguageBird admissions representative at 844-700-2473. They will suggest schools where you can concurrently enroll in LanguageBird courses.

If you have already met the UC A-G requirements, you may self-report LanguageBird coursework as additional courses or extracurricular activity. Instructions including screenshots of how to report your LanguageBird courses on applications are available on our FAQ page

Official transcripts from LanguageBird may be sent upon request to any college or university through Parchment. Learn more about transcripts here.

*Note per our Terms: The parent and student recognize it is their responsibility to inform their high school counselor/school official they will be taking the course with LanguageBird® and consent from the school is necessary to have the course counted toward high school graduation credits or placed on the student’s high school transcript.

For more information, please contact your LanguageBird admissions representative 844-700-2473.

Directions for California High School Officials:

These are instructions for schools who wish to add LanguageBird courses to their UC A-G courselist. 

1. How to add a LanguageBird course to your school’s UC A-G list:

• Starting February 1, 2020, schools will add online publisher courses to their A-G course lists by certifying and self-reporting courses from UC-registered online course publishers.
• More information about certifying and self-reporting courses can be found in the summary of the updated online course policy.
• Please also view this brief video demonstration, which walks you through how to use the new self-report an online publisher course feature in the A-G CMP. 

Information from here. 

2. How to approve a LanguageBird course through principal certification:
• If an individual student is independently enrolling in an online course taught by an online publisher’s instructor and it is not a course being offered to all students at the student’s school, the school is not required to certify and self-report the course to add it to their A-G course list. The school, however, must still review and, if appropriate, grant principal certification (see page 15 of the Quick Reference Guide to UC Admissions) for the publisher’s course if it is to be used by an individual student to fulfill an A-G subject requirement.
From <> 

School officials, if you have further questions, please refer to the updated online course publisher policy located on the UC website A-G Policy Resource Guide. You can also email the UC at [email protected]. 

Information from here.

For other information about LanguageBird accreditations and approvals, visit our accreditation page HERE. 


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