Chirp Room® Chat Rooms

We look forward to having you join us!

We Offer 2 Options For Enrolling In Chirp Room® Chat Rooms:

Start Your Own Chirp Room®

Get your flock together and start your own Chirp Room®

Gather a small group of friends or family together to learn a language in a fun, engaging way with a native speaking teacher. One-hour sessions bring your group together no matter where you are! Cancelled the family trip to Italy this summer? Connect with an Italian speaker from home and get ready for your next trip! Get a group of friends together to practice Spanish or meet online and learn more cool French phrases to get ready for next school year in a fun way… that’s what it’s about.

Chat Rooms For School Groups

Practical experience in natural conversation

Chirp Room® Chat Rooms for school groups provide students practical experience in natural conversation with an engaged teacher as a moderator. Schools supplement existing classes or software with LanguageBird Chirp Rooms® one or two times a week. Give students more practice speaking and the opportunity to connect with a native speaker for language and culture immersion. Cost is based on the number of chat rooms and their frequency. Partner with us!


This disclaimer informs readers that LanguageBird is not responsible for the views, thoughts, and opinions expressed during the Chirp Room™ class discussion because they belong solely to the instructor and/or students present, and are not representative of LanguageBird policy or mission.

LanguageBird Chirp Room™ classes are made available by the LanguageBird instructors for educational purposes only, as well as to give general information and a general understanding of a certain topic in the target language, not to provide course credit of any kind. By participating in the LanguageBird Chirp Room™s, you understand that you are entering a class that is conversation based, not a class that follows a set curriculum. By participating in the Chirp Room™s, you also understand that you will not receive a proctored test or a letter grade. By registering to a session you agree to enter the class either before or at the time of the start date, failure to do so will result in not being able to participate in the Chirp Room™ session. LanguageBird retains the right to remove any Chirp Room™ user for any behavior that it deems inappropriate.

For more information about our CHIRP Rooms™ and acceptable behavior, please see our Terms of Use.