***Nationwide school closures due to COVID-19 have made ALL of us teachers.
This resource library for our 11 world languages, is typically only shared among our teachers. They write and curate the most useful teaching tips, sites, and videos from the internet and collaborate here in their library. All of these resources may be found if you “Google,” but at this at this time, we thought it may be useful to open up this page for all access. In unprecedented times like these, sharing of resources will play a critical role in our collective success.
If you have additional good “stuff” to add, please email support@languagebird.com and we will respond.
We would also like to point you to the American Council for the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFUL) website. They are offering a free one-year membership for language teachers as well as numerous other resources on teaching world languages.

Spanish Resources

Mandarin Chinese Resources

Yoyo Chinese: Yangyang provides amazing videos on learning Mandarin, especially with the playlist in the link. She explains the four tones simply, and makes it fun to learn! I recommend watching these videos a few times and DEFINITELY repeating out-loud with her!


Beginner Playlist

After you think you’ve grasped the tones, try testing yourself with this Chinese Tone Game! It’s really fun and it really improves your listening skills!

Tone Game

Pleco Dictionary




Chinese Boost

Chinese Boost

Chinese Phrases for Dummies

How to Learn Chinese

Learning Chinese

My First Chinese

Chinese SAT Prep

Home page

Level1 Part1

Level1 Part2

Level2 Part1

Level2 Part2



Textbook resources (textbook audio, digital text book, flashcards)

Workbook resources (workbook audio, online workbook, character workbook)

DVD resources (activity sheets and answer keys)

Supplementary resources (video series, Chinese slang series)

Teacher resources (quizzes, tests, sample syllabus & class schedule)





Radicals Full List

Full List of Radicals

Hebrew Resources




Hebrew Worksheets




Short Stories:






Israeli Films:






Israeli Music:


Israeli Music

דף הבית


ASL Resources

o http://lifeprint.com/asl101/lessons/lessons.htm/

o http://asl-interpreting.wikispaces.com/ (dictionaries, technical vocab, info, etc; GREAT!)

o http://www.needsoutreach.org/ (Signs for everything from Biology and Math to Auto Mechanics!)

o http://www.aslpro.com (ASL dictionaries; main dictionary, religious, idioms, etc.)

o http://www.signingsavvy.com (ASL/SEE dictionary)

o http://commtechlab.msu.edu/sites/aslweb/browser.htm (ASL dictionary)

o http://seeresources.com/ (SEE dictionary and info; dictionary is still in progress; SEE is Signing Exact English, a signing system mostly only used to help deaf children grasp English concepts such as prefixes/suffixes/etc.)

o http://www.streetleverage.com/ (blog/website for interpreters; trends, ethics, articles, etc.)

o http://www.start-american-sign-language.com/free-sign-language-asl1.html (ASL I info)

o http://www.handspeak.com/ (Dictionary and cultural information)

o http://www.lifeprint.com/ (Dictionary and beginner’s info)

o http://lifeprint.com/asl101/curriculum/index.htm (Beginner’s practice; printable)

o http://www.valleybible.net/DeafMinistry/ASL_Dictionary/asl_dictionary.php (religious dictionary)

o http://www.laits.utexas.edu/aslonline1/ (ASL tutorials)

o http://www.asldeafined.com/ (ASL in Education; resources for parents, etc)

o http://www.cyberasl.com/ (Online self-study network)

o http://www.artasl.com/ (ASL art signs)

o http://www.aslized.org (stories, jokes, and speeches in ASL)

o http://www.goreact.com/ (Record yourself and get feedback from people who sign)

o http://deafhoodfoundation.org/vlog/ (vlogs about events by the Deafhood Foundation)

o http://www.deafmd.org (health education in ASL; technical- medical)

o http://www.oicmovies.com (current events, jokes, and stories by a variety of Deaf adults)

o http://deaftv.com/ (current events, interviews, and stories by a variety of Deaf adults)

o http://deafinc.org/ (Deaf Empowerment)

o http://www.alldeaf.com/ (Deaf, HH, and SL User forums)

o http://deafnation.com/ (Deaf Nation; Deaf from across the world)

o http://www.youtube.com/WinkASL (Wink’s Youtube; CODA and Interpreter who makes tons of great videos!)

o LifePrint

o ASLPro

o SigningSavvy

o HandSpeak

o Start ASL