With LanguageBird!

Make the most of summer 2020. Spend your time learning a new language!

Check out what we are offering this summer. Choose from:

One-to-One Instruction

Courses For Credit

Accredited high school world language courses with a private instructor at your pace and convenience.

Tutoring and Test Prep

Prepare for the upcoming semester or exams by reviewing topics with a private instructor.

Conversational lessons

Engage in lively, fun, casual conversation to keep up skills or get ready for your next trip!

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Small Group Instruction

Chirp Room Chat Rooms

Get your flock together! Gather a group of friends or family and meet with one of our expert instructors to engage in conversational lessons and start speaking with confidence!

2020 Culture Camp

Meet other teens interested in culture! LanguageBird teachers will act as guides sharing their culture in 16 lessons across 4 languages.


Summer is a great time to try new things or get ahead before fall. Make the most of your time exploring languages and cultures, meeting new friends and becoming a confident speaker.

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