Conversational Lessons

Experience world language lessons with a private instructor at your pace and convenience, focusing on real-world experience.

Who is this for?

Conversational Lessons are for students who are looking to expand their language skills. Heading to a new country and want to be prepared? Need language skills for a new job? With Conversational Lessons, you’ll learn to speak like a native with a native.

100% One-to-One Live

  • Engage with face-to-face, personalized lessons.
  • We meet you where you are with a customized learning plan, so you can start speaking with ease and confidence.
  • Be prepared to use a language in your workplace, for personal needs, or travel abroad.

World-Class Instructors

  • We focus on people, not software.
  • Better teachers mean better results.
  • Build positive relationships and meaningful connections.
  • Immerse yourself in a new culture and language.

Custom Schedule

  • Life is busy, so we’ll work around your schedule.
  • You’ll be able to learn more, faster and have fun at your pace.
  • You can start any time of year.

The Nest

"The Nest" is LanguageBird’s new channel for sharing language and culture globally. Join us in exploring our students and teachers' stories, language and cultures.

View A Lesson In Action

LanguageBird Conversational Lessons Are:

Built To Your Strengths

Our Conversational Lesson courses are customized to your strengths, interests, and learning style. Our instruction will focus on what you want and need the most from learning a new language.

Supportive And Collaborative

Because our lessons are one-to-one, you don’t have to be afraid of making mistakes in front of others. Learning a language requires mistakes! You’ll meet with the same teacher for each lesson, so they build a relationship based on trust.

Culturally Immersive

Our teachers live worldwide and bring their language and culture to you. That means you’ll become more culturally and globally aware. And, of course, our teachers' fluency will help you excel wherever you’re headed.

Key Course Features:

Accelerated Learning

The fastest way to learn a language is with one-to-one instruction. Conversational Lessons with LanguageBird is the best way to start learning fast.

Flexible Scheduling

With LanguageBird, you can take your lessons anytime and schedule them frequently. Something comes up? Just give us 24 hours’ notice. Vacation planned or need to take a break? You can schedule when you come back.

Test Preparation

Exams can be stressful! We’ll provide you with the skill set you need to take entrance exams, AP Exams, the Global Seal of Biliteracy Exam, and other similar assessments with confidence



1 Hour Private Lessons
6 Lessons $ 490
12 Lessons $ 890
18 Lessons $ 1230
24 Lessons $ 1490
100% One-to-One Live Instruction
Customized Schedule
World-Class Instructors

Student Experiences

Read about former and current students as they share their experiences with LanguageBird.

Ready To Get Started?

If you need help or have any questions about Conversational Lessons, please call us. We’ll help you immediately improve your world language skills.

Call LanguageBird at 844-700-2473

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