Justine H.

Greek Instructor

Hi! My name is Justine, and I am a Greek American bilingual, born and raised in Greece- the land of the gods! I have always had a love for languages and as a bilingual was intrigued with language acquisition. After graduating from high school, I embarked on a journey to New York, where I received a BA in Applied Linguistics and minored in Modern Greek. After 5 years of teaching Greek in New York and EFL in Greece, I completed my master’s degree in teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages from Arizona State University.
My studies were not only an academic achievement but also a gateway to understanding the unique challenges that second language learners face. My education combined with my bilingualism and second language teaching has been crucial in helping me empathize with and effectively address the struggles students encounter in language learning.
Now, I am thrilled to bring to you my expertise to teaching Greek. My approach is not just about imparting language knowledge- it’s about turning Greek communication into an engaging, enjoyable and enlightening cultural experience. I strive to create a learning environment where the richness of the Greek language comes alive. I want to inspire you to embrace linguistic exploration with the same passion that I have for the Greek language. Join me!

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