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Sofya B.

LanguageBird Hebrew Instructor

Hi, I am Sofya Barth, I was born in Moldova and have spent a significant part of my life in Israel. My academic journey led me to a master’s degree from a Chinese University, and my personal life is beautifully intertwined with diverse cultures, being married to an American man. Language learning is in my DNA; I fluently navigate five languages both as a native speaker and a student. As a passionate educator specializing in Hebrew language instruction, I bring my extensive experience from institutions like The Rashi School in Massachusetts and the University of Minnesota to create immersive and proficiency-oriented learning experiences. My innovative teaching is further enhanced by my adeptness in digital tools like Google Classroom and Quizlet, making learning an engaging and comprehensive journey. Beyond the classroom, my love for photography, travel, and continuous learning enriches my teaching with a global perspective and real-world insights.

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