Greg S.

LanguageBird German Instructor

Herr Stauffer here, and I look forward to being not just your instructor, but your guide as we explore the language and culture of the German-speaking world in whatever detail is of interest to you. Bear in mind that I was once a student like yourself, with just a mild interest in the German language, the land of my heritage and of course a passing grade; but my interest and curiosity about the land grew, putting me on a course to study abroad and live and work in German-speaking Europe for almost a decade. In that period, I underwent rigorous training that helped me to unlock the best secrets of language learning and instruction, and I have since worked with high school students of all German language levels, from German I to AP, as well as the unemployed, vacationers, expatriates, government officials and top ten corporate CEOs to help them achieve fluency in either English or German. With the right determination, we will achieve whatever you are looking to achieve in your language-learning goals! 

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