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Adelaide W.

LanguageBird American Sign Language Instructor

*waves hello* I’m Dr. Addie Watson, and I have spent my entire professional career teaching Deaf children and being an advocate for the Deaf community. My passion for teaching and love of ASL sets the foundation for how I approach all my teaching. I’m an Assistant Professor of Deaf Education at a university in my area, and before that, I was a classroom teacher at a residential school for the Deaf. I’ve also taken my love of Deaf culture to Liberia, Africa, where I taught students, led community ASL classes, interpreted various events, and served as an instructional coach for the teachers at the deaf school. My career has consisted of teaching children as young as preschool-age to adults. I feel confident I can teach, inspire, and bring lots of fun and laughs to the online classroom. I look forward to sharing one of my greatest loves with you to help you communicate with and further gain knowledge to a unique and cherished community of people.

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