Sunmi Park Headshot

Sunmi P.

Korean Instructor

Hello, My name is Sun from South Korea. I’m a native Korean and I currently live in the Boston area in the USA. I have a degree in Teaching English to Speak of Other Languages. I have taught English to Korean students for about 8 years and have taught Korean to university students in the USA for about 2 years now. As I was an international student in the USA, I had realized how hard it is to learn a new language. Learning new languages is such a challenge but at the same time, it will be a wonderful journey to explore a new world. I’m here for you to support! I believe that cultural experience is very important to learn and understand target languages. so, my cultural experience in South Korea and the USA will help you to navigate and learn Korean. I can’t wait to start the journey with you! there will be so much fun! 

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