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Alicia P.

LanguageBird French Instructor

Hello! Bonjour, I’m Alicia and I’m a French language teacher. I’m a native speaker and I also speak English. After a Bachelor’s Degree in English I moved in the UK and graduated with a PGCE in French. Then, I travelled in Canada where I was a French immersion teacher. Since a year, I have started a new adventure: living and discovering Reunion Island, a French territory in the Indian Ocean. 
I have been teaching languages ( French as a foreign language, French as a first language and English as a foreign langue) since 5 years and I worked in different countries with different cultures and different teaching strategies which I experienced and learnt. I am a passionate, flexible, patient, creative and responsive teacher. I am very much looking forward to sharing not only my language, but also passing on my cultural identity and demonstrate the numerous benefits of mastering a foreign language in today’s world using fun and original activities such as escape games, projects’ creation, personalized contents and authentic resources. I can’t wait to have fun and to learn with you. Your French teacher, Alicia 

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