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Adriana L.

LanguageBird Spanish/French Instructor

Hola!!! My name is Adriana Llanos and I am a Spanish teacher. I am from Bogotá, Colombia where we speak a very neutral Spanish which is good if you want to interact with people from different countries in Latin America. I have worked as a Spanish teacher for teenagers, kids and adults in France, United States (I have lived in beautiful North Dakota and Minnesota) and India. I have a Bachelor degree in Language teaching from a university in Colombia and a Master degree in Spanish literature and culture from a French University. My passion is teaching the language immersed in cultural information so the student can learn not only the structure of the language but also know more about other people and places and contrast everything with his/her own culture. In my classes I prepare materials based on what the student likes so he/she can talk about his/her favorite activities. I have specific strategies to work with the grammar during the class in order that the student can spend little time learning the rule and more time talking and using it in a real conversation. The main idea is to adapt myself to every unique class, enriching the learning process through music, arts, free time activities and literature. I am curious, proactive and very patient. In my free time I enjoy reading, watching sitcoms and spending time with my family. I love listening to English and French music. Looking forward to sharing my experiences with you!!


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