Eric D.

LanguageBird French Instructor

Bonjour! I’m looking forward to helping you on your journey to learn French. Like you, I have learned French as a foreign language, so I understand the particular areas that can be difficult for new learners. I am to provide explanations that click with learners who are approaching French for the first time to help make the language accessible and fun.. I’ve developed my skills by studying French in Senegal, Morocco, and, of course, France which gives me a wide knowledge about the ways French is used around the world that I apply to my lessons. I am also a passionate lifelong language learner and have learned seven languages at different points in my life and still maintain skills in four. My experience learning languages in immersive environments guides my teaching philosophy which is driven by a task-based approach. In addition to tutoring French, I lead travel programs through CIEE that helps students learn through immersion and experiences to locations around the world. I currently live in Washington DC where I wear many hats with many different companies beyond the work I’ve already mentioned. On any given day, I could be welcoming a foreign exchange student to DC, providing in-home pet care services, or coaching foreign NBA prospects on their English skills. I look forward to exploring the French language and francophone cultures with you to become global citizens!

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