Aiko K.

Japanese Instructor

Hello! My name is Aiko Kanada and I was born and raised in Japan. From my childhood, I was moving a lot in Japan because of my father’s job situation. I was lucky to move different places and met new people. I believe my interpersonal communication skills were cultivated from my childhood experiences. Also, I am proud of myself that I can speak three different Japanese dialects including Osaka dialect. Now, my home town is Osaka where my family currently lives. I studied English and linguistics. My focus was cognitive linguistics. I obtained a certificate of teaching Japanese language when I was in college. My teaching experiences are over 10 years and I have taught children from 5 years old to 12th grade. My passion is teaching the language and sharing the culture. From learning together, I love to see student’s progress and achievement. I love outdoor activities especially water activities such as snorkeling and paddle board. I also love reading books and Karaoke! As side of teaching Japanese, I am also a freelance life coach with NLP technique and positive psychology, and a color therapist. All knowledges and experiences can also be applied to my language teaching.

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