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Yoshie C.

LanguageBird Japanese Instructor

Hello. こんにちは。My name is Yoshie, and I am originally from Shizuoka, Japan. I’ve taught middle school students in Japan as well as served as a manager for several years at a Japanese holding company. After moving to the United States, I met my husband and had two beautiful daughters. We moved around the country a few times. Eventually, we settled down in Maryland (I love the blue crabs)! I love to spend time with my family. We often travel to Korea and Japan over the summer to reunite with family relatives. In the past several years, I have experienced teaching high school students, a private class, a group of adult students, and government students on virtual or in-person classes. I love to interact with people to share our culture, foods, and languages. Learning a language is not only to learn it as a communication tool because we can learn a lot of things through our languages. Whenever you are ready or need some support, I am here to help! Let’s enjoy starting a new language together!! See you soon!! 

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