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Kazuko A.

LanguageBird Japanese Instructor

I’m a native Japanese speaker, born and raised in Japan. I’ve been tutoring Japanese more than 10 years. Nowadays students in public elementary schools offer English class, but it was a Jr. High School(Middle School) when I had it for the first time. I was very excited to learn this new subject but I didn’t do very well. However, I liked the way my English teacher in High School taught us the class very much. I was A student for the entire High School year. Then I even majored in English at a college in Japan and a university in America. I understand the struggle for Japanese you have because I, too experienced it when I was learning English. Teaching is my passion. That’s why I want to help students motivate and study Japanese efficiently. What I’m interested in is a different culture, people, custom etc. I hope we can share the differences between yours and mine in the class, too.

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