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Sayuri S.

LanguageBird Japanese Instructor

I am a native Japanese from Japan Minatoku, Tokyo,. I currently live in California. My Japanese is very standard type and has no dialect. I keep up with updated popular words including slang with my teenager niece and my Japanese friends who live in Japan  I’ve been teaching Japanese for 5 years in private lessons and on my YouTube channel.

Back in 90’s, I had a clothing store in Harajuku Tokyo, where is renowned for its colorful street art of Japanese unique fashion scene.

I am a singer as well, I am good at working on rhythm and I have a good intonation of sound, It will be helpful for accent reduction.

My teaching style is not only from the text book, also you will understand many aspects of Japanese traditional and sub culture( Manga, Anime, J-pop, etc…).

I have made some videos on how to learn Japanese. My YouTube channels name is Sayuri’s Selection, your welcome to check it out if you’d like!

Let’s have fun learning Japanese together!

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