Jan D.

LanguageBird Admin Assistant

Greetings! I’m Jan De los Santos, serving as the Admin Assistant/Registrar here at LanguageBird. Originally hailing from Bacolod City, Philippines, I pursued a Bachelor of Science in Marine Engineering at John B. Lacson Colleges Foundation-Bacolod, although I didn’t complete the course. Subsequently, I ventured into the dynamic world of customer service, working as a Technical Support Representative for a prominent BPO company in the Philippines.

During my three-year tenure as a call center agent and two years as a resolution specialist, I recognized the significance of acquiring proficiency in another language. This realization, particularly in mastering the English language, proved invaluable in effectively communicating with diverse individuals and excelling in my role.

Beyond English, I’ve developed a keen interest in learning the Korean language, captivated by its unique sound, structure, and cultural nuances.

In my leisure time, you’ll find me nestled in a corner, enjoying funny movies with my son. I also relish the simple pleasure of relaxing bike rides, exploring the outdoors.

As your dedicated Admin Assistant/Registrar, I am enthusiastic about assisting you in any way possible. Feel free to reach out—I’m here to help!

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