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Damarie S.

Educational Operations Coordinator

Hello there, my name is Damarie Sanchez, and I am the Educational Operations Coordinator for LanguageBird. My role is to make sure your student is on track during their LanguageBird Journey. I will be responding to support questions ranging from enrollment credits to transcripts, class pauses to questions about expiration. If I am unable to answer any questions you may have,  I will always find the correct person to refer you to!

I studied Film and Digital Media and Latin American and Latino studies at the University of California, Santa Cruz. My parents are from El Salvador and I was born and raised in Los Angeles, where I now reside. I have an orange tabby cat nephew, Lucas, who is unofficially my supervisor in my day to day.

Culture through film and digital media is something I am passionate about. If you have a movie recommendation, let me know! I am a self-taught painter and still learning. I like to explore different mediums to express myself. I also like to write nonfiction stories, so I hope one day I can write a comic or book for kids and young adults.  


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