Talia S.

Curriculum and Instruction Manager

Hello, I’m Talia S, currently serving as the Curriculum and Instruction Manager at LanguageBird. My journey in language and education began with a bilingual upbringing, splitting my time between Israel and the Philadelphia area during my school years. I hold a BA in Archaeology and Ancient Near Eastern Cultures from Tel Aviv University, with a particular focus on ancient languages, and I am currently pursuing my MEd in Instructional Design and Technology at the University of Cincinnati.

With over five years of experience in language education, I’ve had the privilege of teaching Hebrew to students of all ages and overseeing the development of numerous e-learning courses across various languages. What intrigued me about LanguageBird was their dedication to enhancing conversational confidence through self-paced language learning — a mission that strongly aligns with my own passion for language learning and instruction.

Outside of work, I enjoy studying classical Latin literature, tending to my garden, exploring ancient recipes in the kitchen (and outside of it!), and engaging with my community here in Lexington, KY.

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