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Ana B.

LanguageBird Spanish Instructor

Hello! ¡Hola! My name is Ana Balarezo, I’m a native Spanish speaker, originally from Perú, South America. I graduated from Florida State University with a degree in Spanish and Multicultural Multilingual Education. I have fifteen years of classroom instruction and tutoring experience in elementary, secondary, and post-secondary educational settings. I’m a certified teacher K-12 and AP Spanish teacher by the College Board. My Classes are fun, interactive, and dynamic. I use engaging activities with clear objectives containing grammar, cultural awareness, communication strategies, language functions, and comprehension. However, language acquisition is more effective when the students engage in the class involved in activities. I think motivating students should be every teacher’s goal, so in order to have a classroom with an effective learning process, my philosophy of foreign teaching education includes the use of other methods, activities and strategies such as storytelling, debates, projects, games, cooking classes, videos, movies, and virtual tours to the Spanish speaking countries for culture awareness and enrichment, so that the students learn from a variety of materials. The use of technology can also facilitate my job of making the class engaging for the students, as well as stimulating them to get involved. I love my language and my culture, and It would be beyond my pleasure to teach you!

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