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Laura G.

LanguageBird Spanish Instructor

Hola! I am from Colombia and from a very young age I’ve been interested in languages. I already speak three: Spanish (my native tongue) English and French. And I am currently living in Germany studying Deutsch. In my experience I have realised that the secret key to learn is MOTIVATION. Everytime that I learn a new language I don’t stick to book lessons, instead, I try to immerse myself in it’s culture: it’s the most meaningful and interesting way to do it. It is important to enrich the study of foreign languages through music, arts and literature of the countrys where this languages are spoken. Because it creates and genuine interest in students. Having grown up in Latin America I look forward to help students to discover the beauty of Spanish language, through listening to spanish music, reviewing mexicans painters, learning to read mysterious tales by argentinian writers. In short, appreciating the spoken language in its practical context. I have a bachelor degree in Psychology and experience as teacher. My purpose is that you can speak fluently and that you discover all the doors that Spanish language can open to you.


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