Yanina R.

LanguageBird Spanish Instructor

Hi there! This is Yanina! (Yani for short) I’m a Spanish/English teacher from Argentina. I’m also a Life Coach and I love working with different people all over the world.
I’ve been teaching online and onsite for more than 12 years and I’ve been in charge of a major Language School in my hometown.

During 2023 I decided to embark on a journey and travel around Europe with my partner and wow! has it really been a great experience.

Teaching is one of the activities that come natural to me. I love speaking, listening and learning from my students. Something that I bring in my lessons is culture! I enjoy sharing about Argentina and Spanish speaking countries and I’m keen on learning about different traditions and habits in other places.

I love humor and of course I use it in my lessons. If there were a prize for creating MEMES in less than 15 seconds, I would definitely hold the trophy haha.

Let’s enjoy each other’s company and of course learn a lot!

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