Laurie C.

Spanish Instructor

¡Hola!! My name is Laurie, I’m a certified ELE Spanish teacher. I grew up in Spain where I studied Musicology. I have also lived and worked in Portugal, Chile and Peru (where I live right now). I love animals, listening to music and playing the piano or ukulele. But also, in my free time I practice jiu jitsu, aerial silks or gardening. I have experience teaching Spanish to teenagers from all over the world (China, USA, Canada, Portugal, Brazil, UK…). I have learned Portuguese and at the moment I’m learning Mandarin, so I know how it feels to be a language student. Please feel comfortable asking me questions at any point during and after our sessions if you need clarification. No question is too “obvious” for me to answer 🙂 I am very easygoing and my sessions are quite funny but very productive. I love teaching my native language using my students’ topics and interests at all times. Who said learning a language is boring? It’s the best to connect with people through their language. Have a great day and I look forward to meeting you soon 🙂 


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