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Kay H.

LanguageBird Korean Instructor

Hello! I’m a Korean language instructor and writer who has published books and articles for the past decade. I’d lived in Seoul for a long time and enjoyed traveling to other countries, so I once published a travel essay collecting what I experienced when I traveled to ten countries. In addition, I have written more than 300 articles on Korean society, politics, and culture. Now, I teach Korean in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. I’m well aware of the mistakes that English speakers often make when they learn Korean. We learn through mistakes, so don’t worry too much. I will let you know the differences between Korean and English so that you can make fewer mistakes. And if you understand Korean culture and society, you can improve your Korean faster because every language contains the country’s culture. I will help you learn the Korean language and culture in a fun way. I look forward to seeing you in class!

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