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Maggie P.

LanguageBird American Sign Language Instructor

Hi! My name is Maggie Passamonte, and I am from Long Island, NY. I am a May 2023 graduate of the National Technical Institute for the Deaf at RIT. As someone with hearing aids, it was my
dream school to attend! My degree is in sign language interpreting, but I have always loved the educational field. I am currently hoping to become certified as an educational interpreter, studying for my Educational Interpreters Performance Assessment! I am a new mom to a baby girl, born in August 2023. Last summer, I enjoyed teaching some local homeschool students. I am very passionate about ASL, especially being hard of hearing. With my hearing aids, I am connected to the hearing world, and am able to interpret and provide accessibility for the Deaf community. Without my hearing aids, I feel so connected to the wonderful world of Deaf culture. I am looking forward to sharing my passion with others, and connecting students with the language and culture of the Deaf community

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