Yinan Nancy Tao Headshot

Nancy T.

LanguageBird Mandarin Instructor

Hi, I am Nancy and I am from Beijing, China. After I graduated from a university in Beijing with a landscape design major, I came to the U.S. to study Art Education. After that, I got into Montessori and my second master’s degree in Curriculum and Instruction. I also took some courses in Business Management and Paralegal. Currently, I am living in Las Vegas, NV, and working as an online instructor mainly. I have been teaching art, Chinese, and English off and on since 2009 while I am at school. I spent most of my time thinking about how to make a lesson successfully. You could tell that I am very passionate about teaching. I will have tailored lessons for you. I am here to help you improve your Chinese through your interests or subjects. I like to have a relaxed environment in which you will find it easier to immerse yourself in this fascinating and unique language. I am looking forward to meeting you in my class. I hope that through my teaching, you can speak this widely spoken language fluently and standardly.

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