Silvia C.

Mandarin Instructor

Hello! Ni Hao! Hola! I was born and raised in Argentina from Chinese parents. I received my TCSOL (Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages) certificate from Columbia University and master’s degree in Educational Technology from University of British Columbia.
I have been teaching Spanish and Mandarin for over twelve years. I have taught students from China, America, India and Israel. Students like to share their learning experiences with me, and I also enjoy learning from them.  Through these students it is reflected how each of these cultures have their own “standard” learning method. From my perspective, I can share my experience as an international learner and my experience as an instructor teaching student. Incorporating my conflicting identities, one being Argentinean and one being Chinese, made me understand the difficulty of learning Mandarin for non-native speakers. I determined that, if I was to be able to teach it effectively, understanding the base of the most spoken languages in the world would allow me to recognize the challenges that most non-native speakers typically experience. Mandarin, in its uniquely descriptive style of communication, allows me to recognize the challenges with which Germanic or Latin-based speakers struggle. I look forward sharing my passion for Mandarin and help you become more fluent in this language. I hope you can have fun and get better as we get to know more about each other.


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