Chia-Ying Liao Headshot

Chia-Ying L.

Mandarin Instructor

Nǐ hǎo! I am Andie and I am from a small city called Tainan in Taiwan. After earning my Master degree in Applied Chinese Language and Culture in Taipei, I lived and taught abroad for over 5 years, including the UK, the US, and Poland. Currently, I am based in Taipei. I enjoy sharing my language and culture as well as learning from the world. I see myself as a citizen of the world and love sharing ideas and insights with people from different backgrounds. I fully understand the sweet and bitterness of learning new languages, or being a foreigner as I was one of them. I believe in the power of languages and it’s my pleasure to be the bridge to facilitate whenever is needed.Learning Mandarin Chinese is an extraordinary experience and I’ll be very happy to continue this journey with you if you will let me.

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