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Cathy X.

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Hello/Ni hao ? I’m Xiao Biyin from Shanghai, my English name is Cathy. Nice to meet you As an online Chinese teacher, It’s my great pleasure to help your Chinese learning @ LanguageBird. Let me briefly share with you my teaching experiences. I’ve been teaching Chinese and cultural insight for more than ten years. Back in 2009 and 2010, I worked at Whitman college as a Chinese teacher in Chinese department, this experience helped me to understand some cultural differences and diversity. Before this work, I worked in a local university for all ages international learners and travelers. They came to China for education and business and trips. I also worked as a part-time language trainer for multinational companies’ business professionals, like McKinsey, Swarvoski, Schneider, and Norway Consulate in Shanghai. What else do I enjoy apart from teaching Chinese? I enjoy reading, mainly history, news, and TCM (traditional Chinese Medicine). Drawing and making small videos is my hobbies in the spare time. I also like cooking healthy meals while I am working from home. As a certified and experienced teacher, I hope you enjoy my Chinese class. How does my class like? Interactive, creative, and practical. We’ll work like a team, your learning expectations are our goal, our communication is a key as well. The more you practice with a native, the more you will get the sense of a foreign language. I’ll share with you what the Chinese normally say in daily life, and you will gain cultural awareness while learning Chinese. For instance, the Chinese celebrate Christmas in China, and the most popular gift is red apples (the fruit apple), how come? Let’s find out in class Learning Chinese is an interesting journey, the pronunciation drills will make your skin glow and the Chinese grammar structures will keep your mind active, and the two-syllables Chinese words will give you a lot of sense of how Chinese words originate. Come join and enjoy my class, it will be an exciting discovery! 

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