Shuo Xu Blankenship Headshot

Shuo B.

LanguageBird Mandarin Instructor

Olá! Tudo bem? Hello! My name is Shuo. I am a Beijinger (北京人儿) and I am also a Bilingual homeschool mom. I love to swim, watch movies, bake, cook, drink tea/coffee, and spend time with my husband and our daughters. 

I worked at a courthouse for almost 10 years before I studied abroad. When I was in China, I met my first Mandarin student, I assisted foreign English teacher with classroom teaching to teenagers, I passed the Putonghua Proficiency Test (Level 1-B). During my master degree studying in the United States, I worked on campus as a student ambassador, student worker, graduate assistant, and English tutor/instructor to international students. 

I believe that language is one of the powers to encourage you to see the world.I understand multiple factors will influence your learning journey. Together, we will practice comprehensive language skills with your interests. Not only learn language itself but also the cultures, behaviors, phenomenons, and, even more. 


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