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Carmen L.

Spanish Instructor

Hi, I am Carmen, an accredited Spanish teacher with more than 25 years of experience. I am from Spain. I have a degree in English Philology and I have a Master´s Degree in Applied Linguistics for the Spanish class and I am an accredited Examiner DELE for the Instituto Cervantes) for all levels My profesional activity is linked to the spanish language world both teaching and creating teaching materials. My classes allow students to effectively learn spanish and practice the language. You will learn Spanish quickly and effectively in the environment you feel most comfortable, and with a method that has been specifically developed to cover the latest aspects of teaching Spanish to foreign students. My teaching materials are up to date and my courses are adapted for each student based on their needs, learning styles and skills. I use a conversational approach to teach which also incorporates reading, speaking, grammar, writing and listening. Each class and unit is different so it is never boring. To support conversation I use current topics of interest. My aim is to improve your spanish, your conversational fluency through a mix of pronunciation training, vocabulary building, grammar exercises and real-time dialogues. I hope to see you soon.

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