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Laura M.

LanguageBird Spanish Instructor

¡Hola! I’m Laura, a passionate Spanish teacher hailing from the vibrant land of Colombia. With over four years of certified teaching experience, I’ve honed my skills to create engaging and effective learning experiences for my students. Holding proficiency certifications in both English (TOEFL C1) and French (DELF B1), I understand the nuances of language learning from both sides of the classroom.

In my teaching philosophy, I firmly believe that learning should be meaningful and enjoyable. That’s why I integrate a variety of tools and techniques into my classes to cater to diverse learning styles. Whether it’s through interactive activities, multimedia resources, or real-life cultural insights, I strive to make every lesson both educational and engaging. Punctuality and patience are not just qualities, but pillars of my teaching approach, ensuring a supportive and structured learning environment for all my students. Join me on a journey to explore the richness of the Spanish language and culture!

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