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Florin P.

LanguageBird Italian/Spanish Instructor

I simply want to describe my passion for traveling and meeting new people! During my Bachelor’s degree, I had the chance to study abroad for a semester thanks to the Erasmus+ program, specifically, I was set in Estonia in the medieval capital Tallinn. I immediately started to like the city and all the different people that were studying with me, it made me see all the differences between my own culture and the others. The opportunity to talk to people from all over the world is the greatest thing on earth! Getting to know cultures is the best thing that happened to me, and it helped me better understand my own culture. Since that experience I traveled a lot abroad: Japan and Korea were my first intercontinental trips, which made me see the differences between Europe and Asia. Secondly, I went to different countries in Latin America, and I fell in love with the amazing sightseeing and local people over there! I studied arts, focusing on Art History, theatre, cinema, literature, and History. I also completed a Master’s degree in Italian Literature and Culture in the Netherlands because I wanted to keep studying abroad to try a different study system. My dream is to share my culture with people and to get to know theirs. I am very friendly, I also did theatre, and I am used to talking to an audience, I am even able to let them smile! Teaching is my passion! I love to use all my background experiences to create personalized and unique teaching lessons. Furthermore, I will gladly interchange my experience with yours because I think we all are learners.

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