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Francesca F.

LanguageBird Italian Instructor

Hello everyone! My name is Francesca, and I am from Rome. Rome today is modern, sprawling, and very much a living city. Since I was a child, I have always wanted to travel, see the world, and have new experiences. Two years ago I came to the United States to attend Salisbury University and thanks to hard work and my determination, I finally graduated with a Master’s degree. Living in another country made me realize how important it is to speak another language. For me, being a teacher means more than just leaving a “mark”. Helping people learn Italian means not simply teaching a different language. It means teaching my culture, my world, my sounds, and my gestures. When I teach, I express something that is part of me. I pretty much share myself. I am not teaching anything that is not mine, truly mine. I teach something that was born, lives, and grows with me. Every job makes a difference in someone’s life, but the people you work with can make a world of difference as well. The opportunity to impart a little bit of my ideas and knowledge to another person is both overwhelming and exciting! I am very much looking forward to sharing my enthusiasm for my language with you and help you speak fluently, and most importantly, that you enjoy and have fun in the process of learning this beautiful language.

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