Karina D.

LanguageBird Russian/German Instructor

I was born in Moldova and grew up in Germany. Thanks to my family and the course of history, I grew up bilingual, speaking German to my friends and Russian to my family. No matter where I lived, I always was able to make new friends, thanks to German and Russian. As a teacher, I want to share my passion for communication and the culture of these language communities. When I am not traveling, I love to read and talk about literature, music and art, fashion, and my cat “Edgar”. Speaking of, I have always been a curious biologist, and studied botany, genetics and ecology in Tübingen.

In 2018 I was fortunate to travel to the Rain Forest in Brazil, experience its majestic beauty (something I was dreaming of doing since the age of five, back in Moldova) and finding out more how we can protect it and its many resources. I would love to share my knowledge of the natural world and its wonders with you. There are many topics we can talk about.
I am a professional and dynamic teacher, flexible, patient and easygoing. I am very much looking forward to sharing my enthusiasm for the German and Russian languages with you and help you speak fluently, and most importantly, that you enjoy and have fun in the process of learning this beautiful languages.

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