Camilo T.

LanguageBird Spanish Instructor

My name is Camilo Torres and I am from Puerto Rico, where I’ve lived all my life. I am a Spanish professor with a PhD in Hispanic Caribbean Literature, and more than fifteen years of teaching experience. Also, I was a Spanish instructor, for about five years, for management personnel transferred to Puerto Rico from USA. Part of my job was to increase client understands of idiomatic expressions and cultural concepts. And, for the last eight years, I’ve been an instructional coach and professional development speaker for teachers of public and private schools. Thus, I am skilled in aligning Common Core Standards to my teaching practice. And, I am knowledgeable in the ACTFL proficiency guidelines and the National Standards for Teaching Foreign Languages.

As an instructor, I try to make my lessons amusing for the students and myself, to foster a high-motivation learning environment. Usually, my primary objective is to enable the client to successfully communicate in real life. That’s why, I place a lot of emphasis on learning verbs and phrases that help us interact effectively with our physical or social environment. Likewise, whenever possible, I will use everyday situations to practice conversation. Also, I believe that pop culture products, like songs, magazines and TV programs, are an amazing way of listening, reading and practicing authentic or natural Spanish; which make lessons more fun for everyone.

Finally, I consider that my teaching style is friendly, respectful, and results-oriented, which has allowed me to establish a solid relationship with most of my students. And I’m looking forward to becoming your new favorite language instructor.

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