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Fengzhen Z.

LanguageBird Mandarin Instructor

Hello! My name is Jen. I come from Beijing and now reside in northern Virginia with my family. I love all the beautiful things in life,such as reading, interesting conversations, watching documentaries, traveling and cooking. Being curious and open-minded renders me the willingness to try new things. While I am cultivated with all the Chinese traditional virtues, I find in myself the innate preference for western cultures.  I am a certified teacher with more than 20 years of teaching experience. Mandarin is my native language and I speak English with perfect fluency. I have a Bachelor Degree of Chinese Language and Literature. When I worked in Beijing, China, I taught dozens of English-speaking students across a wide range of age groups, occupations and nationalities. My students generally find me responsible, patient,teaching with passion and good at communication. I know how to get Mandarin learners started and how to get them improved. I also love finding creative ways to make each lesson interesting and lively. I’d like to work with you to set up your learning objectives, select your preferred learning materials and make the learning schedule that works best for you. The ultimate goal is to improve your Chinese in the most efficient way that works for YOU!

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