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Majda L.

LanguageBird Arabic Instructor

Hi There! I am from Casablanca, Morocco and I just came back home after spending an entire academic year in the US, specifically in Notre Dame, IN as an Arabic Teaching Assistant. Prior to that, I traveled to London to finish a Teacher Training program and I now have two Teaching Certificates both from the American Language Centre and the British Study Institute. This is my fourth year in the teaching journey, as I taught English for 3+ years and Arabic, which is my native language for one year. I am also currently working on my PhD in the School of Education, and I am investigating the impact of learning a foreign language on identity. Therefore, I am not only able to make the best out of my classes due to my educational and professional background, but I also understand the processes involved in learning a foreign language and I am able to pay extra attention to those aspects in order to ensure a better, more fulfilling learning experience.

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