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Bradley B.

LanguageBird Hebrew Instructor

My name is Bradley Berman, I am a 2016 Princeton University graduate with a B.A. in East Asian Studies. I have lived in Jerusalem for nearly 6 years. During my time here and through five years of intensive Jewish textual study, I have become fluent in Modern Hebrew and literate in Biblical Hebrew, Rabbinic Hebrew, and Talmudic Aramaic. Notably, I attended an intensive advanced Hebrew language program at the Rothberg International School at Hebrew University in 2019 and studied Jewish texts at the David Shapell College of Jewish Studies from 2019-2022. I have also attained a near-native grasp of Mandarin through 13 intensive years of formal and personal study. In addition to using Hebrew and Mandarin informally with friends and to consume news, books, and TV shows on a daily basis, I also enjoy applying and growing my communication abilities in a professional environment as a Hebrew and Chinese Research Analyst in the field of reputational due diligence and risk assessment.

I have a passion for language learning and cultural exchange, and I have studied Bulgarian, Hungarian, Korean, Latin, and Russian to varying degrees of proficiency.

I hope that as a LanguageBird instructor, I can share my multifaceted enthusiasm for Hebrew language learning and create the possibility for increased understanding of and appreciation for the diverse life philosophies, cultures, and histories, individual and collective, of the people that share it.

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