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Saulo M.

LanguageBird Spanish/Portuguese Instructor

Hi! I am a Spanish and Portuguese instructor, I’m Brazilian born and raised in the city of Rio de Janeiro. Thanks to my family of teachers, I grew up in an educational/ academic environment and had the opportunity to travel to many different countries, such as Spain, Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, USA, including within my own Brazil, which is the size of a Continent, with a lot of cultural diversity. All of these amazing trips gave me a vast cultural and linguistic background, mainly in Lusophone and Hispanic idioms. My teaching experiences as a professor of many different subjects like Visual Arts, Design, Equitation and Horsemanship, increased my interest in the learning process of all beings. The language is a vast field, and as poet and writer, I had the chance to learn and explore more about my own language and others. As a visual artist I explored not only the image, but also the limits of written and spoken words. I trained horses, I trained students, I trained students to deal with horses, in which a single mistake could risk my students and horses life. All these different and apparently distant subjects I have been teaching for 11 years have one thing in common, the learning process of a new language. I have a bachelor degree in Comunication Science with emphasis in Visual Communication and have a Teacher Training College. I am very creative, and with a vast cultural knowledge I can easily engage in what interests you, and my speciality is to turn difficulty into talent. Today I live in a small town called Teresopolis up in the mountains in the countryside of Rio de Janeiro. Count on me to learn your next new language in a fun and engaging way.

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